2017 Literature Photography Project

The Project for 2017 is called Her Soul's Legacy. It's a book project of Legacy Portraits. Images of "who a woman really is instead of ONLY her appearance."

We collaborate to tell the story of a woman's inner heart, mind, and soul. A series of images that speak to who she is and not just what she looks like. (So much more than a selfie!!)

The work is shot in natural light on the beautiful grounds of Palmetto Bluff. A resort in Bluffton South Carolina.

Click the pictures to see the portraits.


•     The cost is $1400 and, with each paid session, I'll donate a free session to a deserving woman. It's called Misty's BoGo. Buy One, Give one.

•     You are welcome to split the cost with a sister, best friend, or daughter, etc., but you both will appear in all the photos and there will be an additional stylist and make up artist cost of 300.00 for each extra person in the shots. 

•     Payment will be through credit card (via Smart Phone Square) or cash. (No checks)

•     If you're sharing costs with another person, please make the arrangements in private. I can't "split the check."

•     You will need to sign a model release so I can use your images in the book. (Yes, you will get a free copy of the final project; the ETA is 2018)

•     You will not get a huge selection of images or proofs. I'm not a portrait studio. I don't offer picture packages. This means you'll usually get about 4 to 8 final pictures. No guarantees offered. 

•     I'm also not a charity so Misty's BoGo is not tax deductible. The BoGo is just a couple of women ( you and me ) deciding to do something nice for a 3rd woman. 

•     You will get an confirmation email with preshoot instructions so you know what to do, what to bring, and what to expect. 

Contact me here to set up a session or to nominate a deserving woman for Misty's BoGo.

843-732-9166 or Contact

The series will also feature a hidden item in each image, much like the hidden rabbit on the cover of Playboy magazine. But the item featured in Her Soul's Legacy, however, tells a very different story. Symbolically speaking, the item is very different.

It's a spoon.

In each of our lives, there is a moment when we become self sufficient for the very first time. It is our first step towards independence. It's the first time we get some vague inkling that we will become the captain of our own futures. This amazing first tool we learn to operate is usually taught to us by our mothers. So, it is in honor of our first small triumph that this item will be tucked in with the other symbols of a woman's life. This symbol stands for the freedom, learning, and faith women have instilled in us all...beginning on the day she teaches us to feed ourselves with a spoon.



She was a mentally disabled woman in her early 30's. Her family, unwilling to care for her, had thrown her out like a piece of trash. A friend took her in and helped her to find care. During the evaluations and process of being finding funding and sitting on wait lists, she asked for photos so she'd never forget herself. As her illness progressed, she slept with her photos on her nightstand to remind herself of who she was. Misty found care and will live her life as an inpatient but she keeps her photos as a reminder that she is not her illness. Misty was my first BoGo, years ago, and I've offered this work every since...named after her. Misty's BoGo. 

This is the power of Buy one GIVE one Free.