Nancy Mac

Nancy is a native Atlantan who is a two-time cancer survivor and the mom of a disabled child. (now, a sassy young adult.)


     Nancy is an Independent Photographer and Writer. For many years she has specialized in non-verbal communication, and in marketing to women. Prior to turning pro, Nancy was a photography hobbiest and she was also a commercial make-up artist working with fashion and editorial shoots for other photographers. She was in demand for teaching seminars with classes for private photography groups on the power of light and make up.

     After turning pro, Nancy worked for Allison Research Technologies as a Product Photographer and Graphic Designer. She provided Graphic Design, Package Design, and Web Elements along with Product Photography for an innovative Virtual Reality Marketing Analysis and Research program. Their client list was drawn from top Fortune 500 companies and included Coke, Wendy's, Pfizer, P&G, and Revlon. Nancy was 2-D Project Manager for Coke's Marketing Research study for Vault and Coke Zero.


     Nancy's Fine Art Photography has been featured in many art shows and has found collectors as far away as China and England. Her work is currently carried by Four Corner's Art Gallery In Bluffton SC and online at Curioos, Art Pal, Amazon and Blurb.

In 2007 Nancy and her son co-wrote a short story entitled The Badge,which took on the question "Why Me?" when dealing with hardship and disabilities.

Additional Artistic pursuits:

     In 2001, she acted in an independent film titled S o n  of  M a n based on a modern day Jesus who had been raised in the American culture from birth. The family was portrayed as economically disadvantaged and largely uneducated. Jesus was portrayed as being extremely overweight. (Nan was key make up for the movie and also played the role of Mary, who smoked Marlboro reds and sported chipped nail polish.)  S o n  o f  M a n  opened at the 2002 Atlanta film and video festival. It was honored for its special artistic value at the 2003 Philadelphia International Short Film Festival. In 2009, Nancy was a member of The Outer Planet Players a theatre group on Hilton Head Island performing in Indiscretions and Alter Egos.


     Nancy is an active volunteer and has often served as an advocate to disabled adults in addition to her son. She also is an advocate for disadvantaged women who are survivors of domestic abuse and/or childhood abuse. She has donated work to Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, Go Georgia, and Art for Justice and other silent auction fundraisers to help organizations such as Bluffton Self Help.

Shows and Awards:

~  Creative Quarterly Magazine 2016. Issue 42. Award in Professional Photographer Category.

~  Communication Arts Magazine 2015. Unpublished category. International Award of Excellence in Photography  

~ Communication Arts Magazine 2013. Editorial Work. International Award of Excellence in Photography.

~ Permanent Installation at The Habersham at Buckhead.

~ Mason Murer Art Gallery. Juried by Jane Jackson, former director of the Jackson Fine Art.  

~ Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Juried by Julian Cox, former director of the Photography at the High Museum

~ ArtSpace International Gallery  

~ Women in Focus Show at Digital Arts Studio

~ Composition Gallery  

~ Portfolio Jury - Bronze Award for Editorial



Derek once said

“Nan, there is no way in hell that anyone is gonna “get” you or be able to have a dialogue with you on your level.  There is too much incomprehensible history to you.

A casual dialogue for you would equal a lifetime of vulnerability for the average person. 

Here's what I do know:

Your ability to grab the heart of the broken and hurting is like none other. There will always be the ones hiding in the corners that will not be jumping off of a ledge


you were there.”

Derek Ferwerda - Guitarist for Joe Cocker, David Bowie, Cher, The Spin Doctors, Cyndi Lauper, Rick Springfield